Comprehensive Eye Exams

Although updating your glasses or contact lens prescription is a very important part of your visit to Marine View Optometry, it is only one part of a comprehensive eye exam. We use various pieces of equipment to examine eye health from front to back.

Sometimes drops may be required to dilate your pupils in order to get a broader view of the back part of the eye.

Regular eye exams are important, not only for diagnosing current or potential threats to your vision, but also for identifying signs that relate to overall body health. The eye is a complex and fascinating organ. At Marine View Optometry, we strive to educate our patients on ways to maintain their eye health.

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Children's Eye Exams

Eye Exams are extremely important for children. Many learning impediments and academic problems are rooted in unidentified vision impairment. Unlike a scraped knee or bump on the head, young children will often not complain of poor vision. If a child is born with reduced vision, this becomes their “normal”, as they have no basis of comparison. If a child has one eye that is misaligned or has a much greater prescription than the fellow eye, the brain will often “shut off” the bad eye, and it will be destined to become a “lazy eye”. For this reason, early detection of poor vision is crucial, in order to correct the eyes accordingly, and allow them to develop to their fullest potential.

Marine View Optometry stresses the importance of eye care for children, and offers free exams to those under 19 years of age. Child exams are recommended as early as ages 6 months, 3 years, and before grade school.

We know how difficult it can be as a parent to drag your children to their appointments.  Our optometrists create a non-intimidating and engaging experience for your little ones. Picking out glasses should be fun for all ages!

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Diabetic Eye Exams

The back part of the eye, known as the retina, has numerous blood vessels that are visible with a microscope. When blood sugars are elevated for an extended period of time, these blood vessels get leaky and are susceptible to bleeds. These hemorrhages can severely impact vision and serve as a likely representation of the vascular health of other organs.

For this reason, annual dilated diabetic exams are imperative.

If you are diabetic, it is important that your family doctor stay informed of your eye health. Exam reports will be sent to your doctor following each visit.

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Contact Lens Fitting, Training, and Evaluation​

While contacts are often a great alternative for day-to-day activities, they can be a source of eye irritation and poor vision if not fitted and handled correctly.

At Marine View Optometry, we will determine the appropriate contact lens for your unique eye. We will also ensure that you leave our office proficient with inserting and removing the contacts, and fully understand the “dos and don’ts” of contact lens wear.

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Medical Emergencies

Some eye issues deserve immediate attention. If you are experiencing sudden eye pain, vision loss, or flashes/floaters, please book an appointment to see us as soon as possible.

We also remove foreign bodies, including metal, and treat eye infections. If your particular condition warrants surgical treatment, we will promptly refer you to the appropriate ophthalmologist.

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Myopia Control

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is the inability to see distant objects clearly. The prevalence of myopia is forecasted to jump from 27% in 2010 to 52% of the world’s population by 2050. Increased near work and time spent indoors are thought to strongly contribute to the progression of myopia.  When myopia exceeds -7 diopters, individuals are at an increased risk for developing ocular problems like retinal detachments, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Myopia control is the use of special drops or contact lenses to slow the progression of myopia (typically for children and early adolescents).  It is important that children have yearly eye exams so that myopia progression can be identified, and a treatment plan can be designed if warranted.

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Dry Eye

One of the most common eye conditions that plagues society today is dry eye. Whether from excessive computer screen time, dry work conditions, sleep apnea, or other cause, dry eye can be bothersome and in extreme cases, debilitating.

Symptoms of dry eye often include burning, foreign body sensation and tearing.

There are many different ways to manage dry eye, but an individual treatment plan should be tailored specifically to your own form of dry eye.

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Refractive Surgery Pre and Post Operative Care

There are several procedures performed by eye surgeons that correct for prescription and alleviate the need for glasses.

We will identify whether you are an appropriate candidate and refer you to a surgeon of your choice.

Following the procedure, we will evaluate your status to ensure your eyes are healing from the surgery appropriately.​

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Cataract Evaluation, Referral, and Post Operative Care

Cataracts are a fogging of the natural lens within the eye. When vision can no longer be improved to an acceptable standard with glasses because of cataracts, we can refer you to a cataract surgeon. Cataract surgery involves replacing the foggy lens with a new lens implant, usually designed to correct for distance vision.

We will then see you several weeks after the procedure to determine whether glasses are necessary to correct for a residual distance or reading prescription.

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Developmentally Delayed/Non-Verbal Eye Exams

A common misconception of eye exams is that there is no way to determine a glasses prescription for a patient who cannot answer “better” or “worse”.

Fortunately, optometrists can use objective techniques that do not rely on patient feedback, to determine a prescription. Furthermore, eye health can be assessed as it is in any verbal patient.

Vision is an important aspect of quality of life, and one that should not be overlooked in any segment of the population.

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Special Forms and Driver’s Evaluation

We complete occupational vision requirement forms as well as driver’s evaluation forms issued by ICBC.

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